Friday, February 14, 2014

The first years

There is many different body styles of the Chevy Camaros. The year and style of Camaro I really like is the 68.  General Motors introduced the first ever Chevy Camaro in September 1966, it was labeled as a 1967 model. They made the Chevy Camaros because of the lost money to Ford when they made the Mustang. These cars are really expensive. The 1968 Chevy Camaro z/28 coupe is worth approximately $49,000. The 2014 z/28 Chevy Camaro is worth approximately 60,000. This is a pretty big jump in price since its been over 46 years. I really like the ^0's body style and just because it is the muscle car. I've really liked the Chevy's pretty much ever since I've been born my dad is a Chevy guy to i must have gotten it from him.      


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  2. Wow Joshua! very cool! I cant wait to learn more about all these cool cars! I am very excited and anxious i might just ask you in person! :-) heha Z.B.

  3. Interesting Josh! I cant wait to see what else you post.